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Broadcasting is a subjective business.  Sometimes painfully so.  That’s why getting objective feedback can give you an edge.  As a multiple Emmy-winning weekday anchor who’s spent 22 years in markets such as Denver, San Diego, and Austin, I know how it feels to wonder, “Why aren’t they interested?” We can’t always see ourselves through the eyes of the viewer or news director, but coaching can help.


My critiques cover delivery, writing, appearance, voice, resume reel and career coaching, as well as anything else on your mind.  You are also welcome to consult me on any on-air performance issues that arrive after your critique.  Whether you’re just starting out, or hoping for a career jump start, a fresh pair of eyes will energize your delivery and your outlook.  I am well versed on current market and news trends.  You will receive a phone and/or Skype consultation, and a detailed write-up.

Voice Coaching

Your voice is your signature.  It’s also the one thing that can make viewers change channels faster than anything else – and make a news director move on to the next reel.  A trained voice can set you apart.  Yet, most broadcasters neglect this vital part of their performance.  Moreover, most of us barely recognize the sound of our own voice – so, how can you improve, if you can’t really hear yourself?

I will watch your work and pinpoint any vocal issues on which you can improve.  I can suggest easy exercises to improve your voice — or schedule a lesson via Skype — using techniques I’ve learned over several decades of practice and training with the best.  This is voice coaching tailored to you and where you want to go.  Together we will develop an action plan to put your best voice forward.  I was amazed at the difference it made for me – and you will be, too!

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