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Ana Cabrera-testimonialRick is the real deal. This isn’t just a job for Rick, he really cares. Exploring opportunities and negotiating a deal can be a stressful process, but Rick provides excellent insight and guidance. For me, that proved to be much more work than either of us expected.

I’ve never worked with an agent and I decided to hire Rick for what I thought would be a straight-forward contract renewal, but  turned into a 6-month cross-country journey that ended with a dream job opportunity.  Rick’s professionalism and expertise, from what to put on the resume tape to negotiating salary, has been invaluable.

He understands the business. He has good relationships with news managers. He knows how to make sure his clients shine.

I consider Rick an ally and a friend, and I can’t thank him enough for his time and hard work to help me push past my own expectations of what’s possible. His fees are more than fair, and the value of what he provides is truly priceless!

Ana Cabrera –Anchor/Correspondent, CNN

rob-nelson-testimonialRick has been an enormous help in my career — not only with contract negotiations, but with great insight into the business.  He’s extremely responsive, honest and thorough, and he always keeps his client’s best interests at heart.  Financially, he’s a much better option than any agent and he’s worth every penny.

Rick is a true asset to have in your corner!

Rob Nelson — Anchor/Reporter, News Nation

bigad-shaban-testimonialMy career is better off because of Rick. His perspective and professionalism are outstanding, and his guidance and friendship remain invaluable.

Pairing his legal knowledge with his deep insight into the news business, he always takes the time to explain everything. He is incredibly trustworthy and responsive, patient and experienced.

Throughout the entire contracting process, Rick was an amazing asset but an even better person to have on my side.

Bigad Shaban — Investigative Reporter, KNTV/San Francisco

richard-ransom-testimonialRick genuinely cares about his clients, he’ll take your calls day and night (if need be), and he doesn’t keep taking a check long after the work is done.

He does all of that with a high level of professionalism and knowledge about the industry.  You need to have an advocate to level the playing field in negotiations, and Rick is that advocate!

Richard Ransom — Main Anchor, WATN/Memphis, TN

dion-lim-testimonialBefore you think about using an agent or other contract attorney– call Rick. Not only is he efficient and cost-effective, he really UNDERSTANDS THE BUSINESS.

His experience with agent and station contracts meant no stone was left unturned. Negotiations were smooth and I ended up with a great deal, and most importantly, peace of mind!

Dion Lim — Anchor (Former Client), KGO/San Francisco

kristin-priesol-testimonialWhat a pro! Rick Carr was the first representative I worked with in the broadcasting business and it was a terrific experience.

Rick negotiated all my anchor contracts at WTVF, and he was the ultimate professional — confident and audacious, yet gracious and realistic.  Rick’s tireless diligence amazed me.  He discussed the offers with me frequently, he was receptive when listening to ALL of my suggestions, and he worked plenty of overtime to satisfy my requests.

Without his devotion and experience, I would not have received such solid contracts.

Kristin Priesol — Former Main Anchor, WTVF/Nashville

Pablo PereiraI first met Rick several years ago at a NAHJ Conference.  I found him to be smart and very up to date on the business of Broadcast Journalism.  I had been the agent route once before and found it to be rather impersonal.  Rick was different, so when it was time for me to move towards a contract at FOX 11 in Los Angeles, Rick was the first person I called.  Negotiations were not easy, but Rick was able to get the deal done.  The day I signed the contract, management made a point of saying that Rick had really earned his money!  To me it was money well spent.

I have since recommend him to several of my fellow employees and would not hesitate to recommend him to any of you reading this. I plan on using him again next time without hesitation, and you should too — you won’t be disappointed.

Pablo Pereira — Meteorologist, KTTV/Los Angeles

steve-atkinson-testimonialI wanted someone to fight for me during my contract negotiation, but I just couldn’t stomach paying 10% of my salary for the lifetime of my deal. I found the perfect solution with Rick Carr. Rick has been a broadcaster, and he has contacts at stations across the nation. More importantly, because of his background, he understands our needs — both on and off air. Rick handled all of my negotiations in an extremely professional manner, yet he never made me feel like just another client. With Rick, my needs came first. Anyone in the industry looking for help with a new job or contract should call Rick — they will not be disappointed.

Steve Atkinson — Main Anchor, KGTV/San Diego, CA

justin-famer-testimonialRick knows our business as well as anyone I’ve worked with. He is thorough, professional and incredibly responsive.

He’s also just a good guy you’ll be happy you hired.

Justin Farmer — Anchor, WSB/Atlanta, GA

erica-byfield-testimonialI will always be extremely grateful for the guidance and support Rick gave me at such an important time in my life and career.  His connections and legal expertise are invaluable.

Thank you again, Rick, and I look forward to working together in the future.

Erica Byfield — Reporter, WSB/Atlanta, GA

wyatt-everhart-testimonialUnlike an agent, Rick serves the modern broadcast professional in a unique way. He works for you as a highly competent attorney who charges you only reasonable fees for top notch services.

Perhaps most importantly, you can count on Rick to consult with you one-on-one throughout the entire contract process and do it with the one-of-a-kind perspective that only a broadcaster-turned-lawyer can provide.

If you are debating whether to go it alone or go with agent, consider a third option – Rick Carr. It’s one of the smartest decisions you can make!

Wyatt Everhart — Chief Meteorologist, WMAR/Baltimore, MD

becky-ditchfield-testimonialAfter deciding against an agent, I knew I still needed help in moving toward the next step in my career, and Rick Carr was the perfect answer!

His knowledge of the business, strong negotiating skills and realistic viewpoint kept me at ease throughout the contract process. I am confident that he provided me with what was best and most fair for both me and my new employer.

I would recommend him to anyone!

Becky Ditchfield — Meteorologist, KUSA/Denver, CO

calvert-collins-testimonialRick is not only a professional asset and resource, he is a friend and mentor. He knows the sometimes-ugly side of television news, and his wisdom, advice and personality can help you weather any storm.

Rick is truly the “agent alternative,” but he still has good relationships with news directors and talent all over the country.

If you are working in television news today, you can’t afford NOT to work with Rick!

Calvert Collins — Reporter, KDFW/Dallas, TX

lee-zurik-testimonialWhy hire an agent, when you can hire Rick Carr? Rick will cost a LOT less and work a LOT more!

The uncertainty of our industry makes every word in our contracts count more than ever, and I can think Rick for negotiating a fair and secure deal for me.

Rick always returns calls and emails. When I sent my last payment to him, I actually felt bad. For once in my career, I was sure I got the better end of the deal in this relationship.

I highly recommend Rick to all of my friends and colleagues, and I will never use anyone else to negotiate my contracts.

Lee Zurik — Anchor/Investigative Reporter, WVUE/New Orleans, LA

talitha-vickers-testimonialWhen I had two competing offers, Rick juggled both deals and ultimately negotiated a contract that made me feel secure. Rick proved to me that you DON’T have to have an agent but you DO need someone who has mastered the art of negotiating — and that’s Rick!

Talitha Vickers — Anchor/Reporter, WOFL/Orlando, FL

kate-tillotson-testimonialA very smart investment!

Rick combines sensitivity and strategy to achieve the best results for his clients.

Thank you, Rick, for taking the confusion out of contract negotiations!

Kate Tillotson — Main Anchor, WWMT/Kalamazoo, MI

ben-smith-testimonialThank you, Rick, for making a very stressful time easy on me!
Rick took all the pressure off me in negotiating my contract. I had never met him in person, but you’d think we’ve known each other for years the way he went to bat for me. He put forth 110% effort, and he was always available if I had any questions or concerns.
He has my highest recommendation to anyone looking for help or representation.

Ben Smith — Meteorologist, WHNT/Huntsville, AL

kristen-miranda-testimonialWhat a relief to find Rick!

There’s nothing bad about a new job EXCEPT negotiating the contract.  Rick took the stress right out of it – by putting into perspective what I’m worth and by being the one to ask for it!

While I was worrying about finding a place to live and coordinating a move, Rick did all of the hard work – and explained every detail of my new contract to me along the way.  I didn’t want an agent, but I did want an advocate — and I found that in Rick!

Kristen Miranda — Anchor/Reporter, WBTV/Charlotte, NC

jennifer-johnson-testimonialIf you are looking for help with your job or contract, Rick Carr is your man — he’s incredibly accessible, easy to work with and insightful about the business.
With Rick, you can’t go wrong!

Jennifer Johnson — Former Anchor, WSMV/Nashville, TN

lynn-gordon-testimonialI just wanted to thank you again for all your help with my contract. You are a pleasure to deal with and made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the entire process.

With your vast knowledge of broadcast law and former experience as an anchor, I knew I was in good hands. Even my News Director remarked how much she enjoyed speaking with you. Thank you, Rick!

Lynn Gordon — GA Reporter, WPEC/West Palm Beach, FL

David-Bernard-testimonialIn a business where trust and confidentiality is so important, Rick more than provided me with both. He is a strong negotiator, while remaining completely professional when dealing with management. I highly recommend him! 

David Bernard (Former Client) — Chief Meteorologist, WVUE/New Orleans, LA

Erika Arias-testimonialHaving Rick on my side during negotiations and the transition from the station “across the street” made a huge difference. He is excellent at what he does.  Unlike an agent, he is working for you and only you.  He explains everything and will be all the things you need — when you need them: helpful, trustworthy, informative and aggressive.You absolutely need someone with Rick’s understanding and knowledge of the TV news business in  your corner.

Erika Arias — Anchor, WTIC/Hartford, CT

adrienne-stein-testimonialThank you for your time and talents in negotiating such a great renewal!

I know I got a better deal because of you, and my General Manager just said you are one of the BEST representatives she’s ever worked with.

Adrienne Stein — Main Anchor, SNN/Sarasota, FL