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slider1slider1 "Rick is the Real Deal"
Correspondent / Anchor, CNN
"Rick is the real deal -- this isn’t just a job for him, he really cares. I hired Rick for what I thought would be a straight-forward contract renewal, but turned into a 6-month cross-country journey that ended with a dream-job opportunity. I consider Rick an ally and a friend, and I can’t thank him enough for his time and hard work to help me push past my own expectations of what’s possible. His fees are more than fair, and the value of what he provides is truly priceless!"
slider1slider1 "He's a Much Better Option Than Any Agent"
Rob Nelson — Anchor/Reporter, ABC News - New York
Rick has been an enormous help in my career -- not only with contract negotiations, but with great insight into the business. He's extremely responsive, honest and thorough, and he always keeps his client's best interests at heart. Financially, he's a much better option than any agent and he's worth every penny. Rick is a true asset to have in your corner!
slider1slider1 "You can't afford NOT to work with Rick!"
Calvert Collins - Reporter, KDFW/Dallas
Rick is not only a professional asset and resource, he is a friend and mentor. He knows the sometimes-ugly side of television news, and his wisdom, advice and personality can help you weather any storm. If you are working in television news today, you can't afford NOT to work with Rick!
slider1slider1 "Rick was the First Person I Called"
Pablo Pereira, Meteorologist, KTTV — Los Angeles
"I had been the agent route once before and found it to be rather impersonal. Rick was different, so when it was time for me to move towards a contract at FOX 11 in Los Angeles, Rick was the first person I called. The day I signed the contract, management made a point of saying that Rick had really earned his money! To me it was money well spent. I have since recommend him to several of my fellow employees and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. I plan on using him again next time, without hesitation, and you should too -- you won't be disappointed."

It's your money... TV Contract.Com is representation that helps you make -- and keep -- more of it!

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About Rick Carr

rick-carr-tv-contractRick Carr is a former sportscaster with more than 25 years of combined experience, on-air and representing talent in contract negotiations. When you need help with a new contract or renewal, Rick is your best choice. Unlike traditional agents, Rick represents your interests without long-term costs or commitments -- you only pay for what you need and that keeps more money in your pocket.

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Who does Rick Represent?

Rick represents a wide array of television industry talent including anchors, reporters, producers, hosts, and all other types of broadcasters and journalists who want a more efficient contract negotiation process. Rick's alternative approach to traditional agency models saves his clients substantial amounts of money, by helping them make a higher salary and then keep more of it!
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