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Skill: Anchor/Reporter

The Basics: I’m Amanda Jaeger. I am a news anchor/reporter/host, former Miss Kansas, nationally recognized motivational speaker/advocate, and professional vocalist. I also have extensive experience in PR, marketing and politics. I’m a people person who has never met a stranger.

Major Goals: I believe in serving others above myself and making a long-term impact through forward thinking growth mindset. I aim to work hard with a positive disposition wherever I am. I strive to never be afraid to fail; always willing to try and create something new.

Core Values: Respect, loyalty and perseverance. (Humor makes the list too.)

My Mottos: “I’ll find a way to make it work.” “You can find excuses or you can find opportunities.” “Service above self.”

Unique skills: I remain collected in stressful environments while easily navigating ambiguity. I actually enjoy a fast paced work flow. I am always willing to step up and deliver breaking news “on the fly” with limited preparation. I’m also an ideas person and seek ways to innovate and create what hasn’t been done before. My background in political science also has allowed me to contribute a unique perspective in reporting.

StrengthsFinder Top 5: Achiever, Communication, Input, Futuristic, Individualization.