Client: Craig Setzer
Skill: Meteorologist

Meteorologist Craig Setzer is the longest on-air degreed meteorologist at CBS4 and myTV33 news. His experience in the #1 hurricane market in the country makes him uniquely qualified to cover them and inform you. Few meteorologists in the South Florida market have the education and experience to cover hurricanes and severe weather like Craig does.

Craig Setzer’s interest in weather started at a young age when Craig, at 8 years old, developed a fascination with storms. He took that fascination, added a meteorology degree from the University of Oklahoma and began tornado chasing where he put his meteorological education to good use forecasting and analyzing tornadoes and severe weather. You may have seen many of Craig’s adventures on “World News Tonight,” “Good Morning America,” “Day and Date,” “Inside Edition,” “American Journal” and “The Weather Channel.” Craig continues to advance his meteorological knowledge by regularly attending tropical workshops at the National Hurricane Center and tropical conferences sponsored by the American Meteorological Society.  Sharing his meteorological expertise is a priority for Craig who often speaks to groups about hurricanes and tornadoes.

Craig was awarded the Television Seal of Approval from the American Meteorology Society (AMS) in 1997 and is an active member of the National Weather Association.